7th Annual Panhandle Bonspiel in the Books

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making the 7th Annual Panhandle Bonspiel a success! We were so glad to see both familiar and new faces on the ice, to watch and play in some great games, and for the generous donations to our auction (including one from Capone’s). Many thanks to our members who helped with ice prep, hospitality, and other logistics–with a particular shout out to Megan Boyd for holding down the fort when the rest of us were on the ice and for generally keeping us on track!

Our A Bracket winners hailed from Nelson, BC. Congratulations to Alison Hutchinson, Stan Reese, Janice Murphy, and Gord Wiess!

House Rules

In order to make sure that we all have a good time and things go smoothly, please remember to keep the following house rules in mind during league play! (This advice transports to bonspiels as well.)Matches should begin by introducing yourself to all the members of the opposing team with a handshake and a wish of “Good Curling!”The vice-skips (typically the third) should have a coin on hand and participate in the coin toss to determine which team begins with the hammer and which team chooses the colors.